I went to Barcelona for internship at Cruising Bikes Barcelona and put some clips together alone or with the locals. Sorry if you dont like the quality, buttttt if you want to help, my bank account number 719906 t.a.v. E.L. Bouwman

Fun facccccccccccctsss:

I got hit by a scooter in traffic, because i couldnt stop for the redlight so the scooter made me. I had to go with police in police car to my home because i forgot my adress. So me and my bike in the police car and me filming the officers a bit. I think they had fun too.1 hour after the accident i had a meeting with javi and amaro and sara and i did the 3m barspin drop. Was such a fun day and i hope i dont have to pay for that shit scooter.

Some guy threw me off my bike when i rode on the footpad. He was litterly running to me and punching me so hard in the back that i flew over my bars and landed in some scooterparking. And still it was funny as fuck. He tried to kick me and i grabbed his foot, that was fun too. I didn't fight with him because this guy was ready to go so hardcore that i realised i had no anger in me at all. Now i ride with bulletproof clothing.

Javi for filming and teasing me till i cried.
Amaro for filming and being so chilled.
Allesandro for filming and being my fisio.
Nikita for helping me and the good times.
David for filming and learning me some dirty spanish
Mauro for filming me and the laughs
Joep Voskuilen for filming and chilling with just!
Lennard Gols, for helping me out!
Ercan Yetkin for the food.
Bas Verschoor for the backup.
Syo van Vliet for almost coming to Barcelona.
Yorick Spilker and Virgil Persad, you know what for.
Andrea for the kind words.
Aaron Zwaal for the foto's and being funny as fuck.
Vladdie de Koning and Mark Vos for the positive visions and the goodtimes.
Family for good advice and always being welcome.
Catfish because it's cool to say your name.
Sara for being a bmx girl.
Organisers of DUBjam for the good day.
Griffioen outdoor/BMX Amsterdam for the internship and the good weeks although i was sick. I come back stronger.
Cruising Bikes Barcelona for the internship and all the laughs I had! Amazing good times.
Thomas Creemers for helping me out if i had no place to sleep.
Love to everybody that helped me out and anyone i forgot! Be positive and sweet and listen to some hardcore.
Hook me up if you want to ride and if you are down to have fun.
I will be back in Barcelona soon.

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