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This is our crowdfunding video that explains our background, model, motives, and intentions.

Please feel free to take a look at this and donate to help build the website at

What We Do:
Connect hospitality staff with caterers, clients, and venues.
Create living wages for staff while minimizing costs for clients.
Empower staff with agency, protection, fair wages, and benefits.
Enlist progressive caterers/venues to access the most experienced staff.
Enliven the gift economy with people passionate to be in service.
Create integrity and equity with/within every member and relationship.

What Sets Us Apart?
A direct peer-to-peer online network for hospitality staff and contractors to connect, eliminating the need for staffing agency middlemen.
We are a non-profit in a very untraditional way: we cycle all our profits back into the hands of our staff.
An online grading system that encourages creative competition and awards staff in real-time while sustaining balance.
An opportunity to encourage and reward gifting one’s service and time.
An open source model that can be applied to other industries and communities.

How We Affect Change:
Allow all work parties (staff, caterers, clients, etc) to be a part of a community that lives in the gift and encourages the expression of each other’s service.
Allowing low-income clients, soup kitchens, and fundraising drives to solicit staff (and vice versa), thus enabling people to give their gifts outside of the realm of money exchange.
Creating an ethic that inspires and rewards hard work and positive nature – the impetus to excel is inherent in the system itself.
Our members belong to a “the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.” They actively engage their gifts, are consciously ‘in service’ to each other, and contribute to the unfolding of new economic paradigms.


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