Small business owners never have enough time. It is expensive and time consuming hiring even a part time employee, filling out the W-2, W-4, forms and deductions for workman’s comp, Social Security and on and on. Time you need to spend and you don’t have the time.

Contract help can help small business or even home owners if you need to run errands, pack products, put products on the shelf and any of the hundred’s of needs of a small business owner.

I offer myself as contract part time help, if you only need an hour or two help at $20 and hour, for an 8 hour day $100. Just cut a check for the hours worked. That is how contract labor works.

Keep your costs down and yet get things done that you need to have done. Stocking shelves, improving your website, marketing, business videos, errands, help lifting or loading,

I have been the Business Development representative for the largest nonprofit in the world who’s local office has an income of over $14 million dollars in Medford. I sold contract labor for work crews to cut lawns, do dishes for hospitals, package organic tea, and assemble products. Contract help is cost saving to employers that do not have to add an employee to their payroll. Use for a couple of hours of a couple of days.

I am here to help you even for one hour, or two. If you need help for an 8 hour day, my fee is just $100, you cut me a check and that is it. Contract part time help, can help your business with no Temp Agency as the middleman. And much more.

My experience is business owner or a manufacturing company and several retail store operations in Los Angeles. Sales, Marketing, ecommerce, Web Design, Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing.

You hire a lawn service to cut your lawn, a book keeper to do your books, an electrician to hook up your business electric needs. You already use part time contract labor.

See the pictures for contact information.

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