A one piece design reflects what surrounds you and uses this surrounding to frame your own reflection.

GRAMS collection is created by the students of the Man & Activity Department of DESIGN ACADEMY EINDHOVEN under the guidance of MIEKE MEIJER.

“The contemporary age is defined by a material driven society that is moving towards a more intangible direction where content is value. The importance of personal tools is getting lost with the rise of automation: we use our cameras as mirrors, our phones to check how warm it is and where we are.

The “Grams” collection is a mark of this transition - an ode to personal objects.

Each product relates itself with the material in a refined way by carrying details and finishes that trigger the user sensitivity. Qualities like the size, material and weight are presented to us as the defining contours of a product. Each collection item is named after its weight. This single detail creates awareness by confronting the user perception with the analytic truth of grams.

“Grams” not only makes us more sensitive to what is tangible yet silent but also changes the way we connect to functions to a more personal level.”


Soundtrack: Perfection by Oh Land (modified)

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