MUSIC: J. Arthur Keenes Band - "Smash Diggins"


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Hey there! Thanks for watching. Here's how this works:

If you like the design or know somebody who would, head on over to and pick up "Heartbit!". You'll be PRE-ORDERING the shirt for $23, plus a $5 flat shipping fee in the US. You absolutely get what you pay for; the shirt is on a fantastic tri-blend American Apparel tee with Plastisol ink that should last a lifetime of average wear and tear.

The shirt is on an extremely limited run and will only be available for TWO WEEKS! If I can rustle up 25 pre-orders by July 10th, the shirt gets sent to print! Now, If I DON'T manage to get 25 pre-orders by July 10th, everyone who pre-ordered DOESN'T PAY A DIME and I try again next time.

At the end of the shirt's run, I'll be donating 15% of my final income to the Children's Medical Center of Dallas. I'm not in this for money, I'm just thrilled I get a chance to get some art out there! So thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy, and thank you for supporting independent designers!

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