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A recovering drug addict fights for his life and soul after being diagnosed with liver cancer. While his wife and friends try to help, only his guardian angel can guide him in making the right choice.

Franky's story is about good-hearted Franky (DON AUSTIN); his wife Gwen
(LORI RECORD) and his dog Boo (BOO BOO) who's also a part of the family. Life was not always wonderful for them, because Franky and Gwen both made choices that have come back to haunt them. They are both in recovery from drug addiction. Now Franky is faced not only with the consequences of decisions he has made before in his life but also with a new decision set before him.
We go with him through his personal experiences and his vivid perception of "the other side". Ultimately, you may conclude that death is not the end, but the beginning.

Franky knows something that we don't.


He has seen Heaven and is ready to tell.

Starring Don Austin, Lori Record, Maria Washington, Liz Burke and Dave Calhoun
Written, Produced, and Directed by Joe O’Ferrell,
Executive Producer David Calhoun Co-produced by Gil Amaral, Stacy Frazier, Taryn E. Ayoub, Dennis Roberts & Adam Mizell
Associate producers, Diane Davison, Judith Rheiner and Pamela Preston
Editor Dean Vaccher, Special Effects Craig Herron

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