editor : Remy Chartier

Male version :

this is a fan trailer on Kaidan and Shepard (female)’s romance
made in Normandy : France


- Shepard (female) : Jennifer Hale - Kaidan : Raphael Sbarge DIAL KAIDAN & SHEPARD S - You'd better show up. K - Don't get me wrong ! I'm going to fight like hell for the chance to hold you again. Stay save. K - All seems so calm from here. There are people going through hell in a million different ways ... out there. K - And I want to be fighting alongside them, but ... I want to be here. You know ? S - Sure. K - Messed up kid that I was, never would have dreamed of the life I've had. And I owe a lot of that to you, you know. I love you Shepard S - That fear's gonna keep me alive long enough to strike these bastards right through the heart. K - Yeah. Exactly. S - Don't know if you can hear me Don't die. I could use you. Come on, Kaidan. Fight! S - I can't bury what I feel for you anymore. And I don't want to. K - And that ... makes me so happy. S - I'm going to be waiting for you. You'd better show up. S - Give us hope and a fighting chance. Hell, the Reapers better watch themselves.

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