People keep talking about the ELITE, the ILLUMINATI, the NWO, I have always asked myself, Well who are these people. But no one has ever put a name and face to the actual culprits. This is a list with names and faces of the top 12 Illuminati. Among others elitist, like, Gates and Buffet, they want to dominate and eliminate 90% of the worlds population. They are the World Dominating Elite. They are not trying to get there, They are already there. There are so much in place, that these OLD FARTS want to see the fruits of their efforts come to total control before their miserable putrid corrupt lives wither away. So the time is now more than ever that we will see the NWO actually publicly "Take Over." They want to witness this before they die, the NWO come to full dominance. That is almost as exciting as the Aliens invading the earth. Wow and I got to live to see it. That alone in itself makes your whole live the ultimate experience, the invasion of aliens or the NWO take over.
There is nothing Kosher about that.
Boycott all of their businesses, products, and services. Get involve in the Fiscal Revolution, The Peaceful Revolution.

A thought. The Jews were trying to obtain world domination back in the thirties. If Hitler didn't do what he did back then in the 30's, then what is going on now would of happened 75 years ago. Hitler only postpone the NWO take over. People hated the Jews in Europe back then. They were repossessing houses and farms. That is why so many people didn't care about the Jews going through hell and genocide. Of course it all was horrible. More so the genocide on Native Americans. We seem to forget about the greatest genocide of all human history. But people were tried of the Bankers back then, foreclosing on their homes and farms. Sound familiar, it's whats going on today, with the same group of people.

Below is the list of Central banks owned by several of these men. Yes they already dominate the Fiscal World. And through the USA's military Industrial Complex they are accomplishing the physical takeover, and total world dominance.
The Alleged Rothschild-Owned Central Banks of the World (Alphabetical Order).
Well the list was too large for YouTube description.
So email me or wait for my next video on the Central Banks owned by the Rothschild family.

They are in control of the central banks in 171 countries. Yes world domination, 171.
I am dr Meno, The True Ex Patriot, the little kid in The Emperor's New Clothes, The modern day Socrates, The Shepard of the Sheeple.
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