Ok another test with the TP Toolkit plug-in for C4D together with TurbulenceFD,
This is done with the 1.2 version of TP Toolkit, which will be out soon.

Sim time: 15 minutes (6GB cache file)
1 frame rendered about 1,5 minutes, but my step size in TFD was too low, so it can render even faster.

I used the MoGraph emitter in TP Toolkit together with a MoGraph sound effector. It's just one TFD sim, not two. Again, it was very easy to set up with TP Toolkit, only finding the right amount of flames took time.
But I didn't took time to adjust the pink flames, so they are way too strong.

I used TP Toolkit to drive the TFD simulation as well as to react to the sim afterwards. Not looked into the XPresso window at all using TP Toolkit.

Music is Veto - Build To Fall

You can get the TP Toolkit for C4D here: sellfy.com/p/MZt3/KcJP8/

Stay tuned for more!

PS: Download the video to see it in full glory, the vimeo compression somehow kills all the little particles.

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