Blue Courage - Book Synopsis

Death is just the beginning for Reese, and he is a man struggling to make sense of it all. None of the world’s religions had the Afterlife right. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, were all wrong. The Afterlife is not what they preached. Instead of the pearly white gates, upon arrival, Reese is met with a pristine modern city loaded with wonderful technologies, billions of souls and thousands of colossal white skyscrapers. A formidable, massive wall is the only thing protecting the city from countless ferocious prehistoric beasts, and hoards of ghoulish creatures, known as lost souls.

It is not long, before Reese discovers it is not the first time him or his soul mate Kate, have arrived in the Afterlife, and that they are part of a long-line of reincarnations, where they have slowly been evolving into elite, advanced souls, with supernatural abilities.

On the eve of a perilous, cross-country race, between two extremely powerful groups of advanced souls, Reese unexpectedly, finds himself on the starting line with Kate. Along with the dangers that wait outside the futuristic city's walls, the extremely dangerous race pits the most gifted warriors, from their respective groups, against each other. Armed with ancient weapons and their enhanced physical abilities, like strength, vision and quickness; along with magical powers—the first side to either destroy their opponents, or reach a distant ancient temple wins.

Reese must unlock the mysterious circumstances of his unusual arrival in the Afterlife, and then with the help of his soul mate complete his superhuman transformation, in time, to stop the forces of evil from winning the race and enslaving everyone in the Afterlife.

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