camera test of the canon 50D with raw video enabled by
light grade of (more details there)
14 bit raw video at full HD* - yes this 5 year old camera shoots raw video.
edited and graded in davinci resolve lite 9.1.4
film and coloe space set to blackmagic cinema camera.
some lift gamma gain, color curves, tried to reduce noice by separating luminance and chroma and bluring the chroma.
compare with the "unprocessed" to see what a little bit of grading can do.
there is an amazing amount of color detail in raw video.

one-way trip from canon magiclantern raw video files into davinci resolve and h.264 out to vimeo.
(at the moment, one cannot go back and forth with magiclantern cinemadng based files through davinci resolve to another non-linear editor and return to grade the cinemaDNGs)
i knew that resolve 9 has the core features for editing and once i accepted that i could not round trip to another editing program, i am pleased to see that it has sufficient features to do this type of edit.

no audio track - if you have suggestions for tunes which can be used on vimeo, please let me know.

* most clips are 1920x1080 at 23.976 frames per second (the clips with black borders are at the lower 1536x928 resolution and scaled up with letterbox). to get 1920x1080 you have to zoom in as more of the sensors pixels are made available in that mode. at the moment, it is difficult to see the framing of a shot in zoom mode - one only sees part of the shooting frame.

at high ISO, do get "hot" pixels which as you can see are at different locations in different clips.

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