This time-lapse was taken at the Android art exhibition at Piccadilly Place, Friday 7th June 2013.

The shadow of the word ANDROID moves slowly across the floor as the sun sets. So too does the shadow of Daniel Fogarty's installation, 'Helmet', to the right. The transparent work, made visible by a box marked around it on the floor, is Julie Del'Hopital's work 'Are You Nobody Too?' Fittingly, you witness the artwork being knocked into and repositioned on several occasions.

Soundtrack: Fractions Master by Cosmos Collapse
The film was taken using an iPad mini on a tripod, stood in the far corner of the gallery. This equipment quickly became an installation of its own. You can see that visitors to the gallery have altered the camera's position and the speed of the time lapse, creating dialogue between the subject and the observer.

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