I decided after finally getting my Canon 7D this week to go back up to Rocky Mountain National Park and reshoot the locations I had earlier with the XH-A1 and the Letus. This footage has only been corrected bit for over exposure. Think of this as a test of the Canon 7D, more then a short. I hope to shoot a much longer version sometime in the weeks to come. :)

Camera: Canon 7D, 1080p 24fps, 18mm-135mm f3.5-f5.6
Editing and CC: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Music: Imogen Heap, Cumulus.

*Using Adobe CS3 so far to edit has been doable, but pain staking. Even on my 64-bit machine I still have horrible lag. Hopefully I can get the upgrade to CS4 soon to make the process much less cumbersome. ;)

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