Echoes of Impermanence is the tridimensional visualization of the evolution through time of a distributed system of autonomous agents. It’s 2.2 m (7.22 feet) tall and 50 cm (19.7 inches) in diameter and it consists of 600 layers of wood of 3.6 mm (0.14 inches) wide.

The system consists of seven people that interact among themselves following guidelines of behavior based on algorithms of swarm behavior simulation.
Echoes of Impermanence attempts to visualize the emergence of collective intelligence. To that end, complex creatures like human beings follow simple rules and act according to information given at a local level without a centralized control.

This work is a spatial representation of a video sequence of high definition.
Seven people are filmed from zenithal view and with green background.
Using a post-production software the background figures are erased (chroma key technique) and a vectorized image is created. Then, each archive is cut on wood layers with a router laser cutter. Once cut, the figures are assembled one over the other according to the temporal order in which they appear in the video sequence.

Echoes of Impermanence compresses time in a volumetric unit and creatively imitates the generative processes in nature, capturing its organic, complex and emergent qualities.

Echoes of Impermanence reflects upon the relationship between simulation and execution by dissolving their borders. It takes the computer based paradigm of simulation to the execution of experiences in the physical world. It’s based on swarm simulation guidelines, not executed by a computer but by living organisms. This work anchors itself between simulation and execution, representing both and none at the same time.

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