in addition to low light shots like
here i'm looking at deep focus organic vs inorganic.
moire limits the use of deep focus in patterned urban environments.
beautiful and can be sharpened in organic high dynamic range outdoor scenes.

canon 50D
canon 24-105
heliopan variable nd
using unified branch of magic lantern built on 15 june 2013.

all shots use layer nodes with a blur on the chroma and a sharpening on the luma of 0.46 except the cityscape where the sharpening was reduced to 0.48 trying to minimize the moire (also increased the blur on the chroma red).

magiclantern raw, rawmagic to cinemaDNGs, davinci reolve edit and light grade , and finaly export 444 prores and upload to vimeo. another check in at the hotel davinci resolve.

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