I'v been animating since 4 years and it's Awesome!

Reel Breakdown:

1- Complexity: It took me 2 days for animation. Malcolm Rig used. Audio from Detachment. Personal project.

2- Dragon Shot: Worked on a Hollywood movie "In the Name of the King III". Took me 3 Days. Property of ICE Animations.

3- Minions Death Gas: It's from a CG MeetUp competition, that I entered. Took me 2 days for animation. Rig provided by Sergio López .

4- "A Very Short Story about RAiN" is my personal Very Short film which I did in free time. It took me 4 days for animation. Stewie, Malcolm and Bonnie Rigs Used.

Thanks to Animation Mentor, AnimSchool & Josh Sobel for the Awesome Rigs! :)

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