Namby Pamby Boy

Fabian Rucker – Reeds
Andreas Lettner – Drums
Philipp Nykrin – Fender Rhodes

produced by Severin Koller & Namby Pamby Boy

Emerging from the ultra-civilized Austrian countryside, socialized by lederhosen clad brass bands and classical music, the zero times Grammy-nominated "Namby Pamby Boy" found their only chance to escape from all that in a garage. Where they studied and listened to the evil sounds of hip hop, rock and jazz.
Armed with a license to teach, they are back to save the planet re-defining the term "garage band."

Their eclectic compositions speak through the voice of a fictional character who seems to be all too real: the typical mummy's darling, the "Namby Pamby Boy". An anti-hero whose utter irrelevance and constant descent into banality serves as a life - an existence where being called by your actual name, a "thank you" or a smile earned from the secretary are the emotional highlights of the month. There is a flicker of hope between the starter and the main course during lunch, everything could change for the better. It is those moments this extraordinary band banned onto their new album "Lunchbreak", packed in a practical lunch bag, with more than eight postal cards and assembled by only professionals just the perfect gift for any situation. "Namby Pamby Boy", a band for average Joe: where does something like that still exist?

"If they wanna succeed as a rockband they at least should have a bassist. In the end of the day this has just no meaning to me!"
(Mrs. Kobalski, a neighbour)

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