Lisa & Elliot's road trip from New York to Chicago and back to New York again, via Pittsburgh, Detroit, upstate Michigan, the Upper Peninsula and Milwaukee. Also featuring the wedding of Dave and Ivana and introducing in his first starring role, Hip Hop the Jackalope. Filmed on 8mm Vintage Camera app.


'Solitude is Bliss' - Tame Impala
'Pale Green Ghosts' - John Grant
'Default' - Django Django
'Highway to Hell' - AC/DC
'Chemtrails' - Beck
'The Sun Shines Down on Me' - Daniel Jonhston
'No Lucifer' - British Sea Power
'Welcome to the Terrordome' - Public Enemy
'The American Ruse' - MC5
'Back to the Middle' - Deerhunter
'Dying for Pigs' - PLANK!
'Looking for a Sign' - Beck
'The Story of Hip Hop' - The Books
'Roygbiv' - Boards of Canada
'Slow Motion' - The Flaming Lips
'Where I'm Anymore' - Grandaddy
'Headache' - Frank Black
'Sweet Home Chicago' - The Blues Brothers
'Hard to Say I'm Sorry' - Chicago
'Skulking' - Mazes
'Rapper's Delight' - The Sugar Hill Gang
'Good Times' - Chic
'No Destruction' - Foxygen

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