Shot in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi.

This videos was created for the competition. Mr. Arnaulds was looking for something to convey the afterlife appropriately in keeping with his fantastic ambient music track "This place was a shelter."

In the video we follow the fantastic journey of a spirit during the last few flashing moments of life and onto the final transfiguration into the afterlife.

Please watch in HD, as the colors come to life in HD.
(HD button bottom right)

I have always envisioned that the afterlife would be wildly different and more amazing than anyone could imagine. Progressing through the film, the colors transition from hyper-normal, to hyper-fluorescent, and then finally to blue-violet as the spirit finally crosses over into the afterlife and onward up into heaven.

The technique used to create the images was an emulation of the glass-backlighting technique used for special effects in the 80s such as the movie "Tron." I have also always been a fan of infrared photography and wanted to also emulate and integrate the amazing look of infrared film into this project.

All assets and footage were created specifically for this project.

There was NO CGI used for the project in the loosest sense. That is to say although each scene was exhaustively tweaked for color, contrast, diffusion using a myriad of filters, on the computer, there was nothing else added to the scenes using Photoshop, as an example. Everything in each frame was simply a manipulation the light in each frame.

The only use of CGI was the explosion that marked the final transition to the spirit world.

Total project time from start to completion: Seven days.
Filmed with Canon T4i, 16mm color and black and white, and Android Phone 5MP camera.

Here is the link to the original rough cut which was shot first to get a general feel of the tone, theme, and pace of the final video:

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