Choreographed // Performed // Edited // Directed


Philip Birchall

I have everything to thank HSPA for and wanted to go back and inspire and teach the youngsters from The Hattons school of performing arts,Everything that i have learnt on my journey so far. These guys mean the world to me and have worked so hard on this project. This was the out come just After 6 weeks of hard work and sweat. These kids are the future and i loved every minute of been able to share my gifts with them.

Danced By:
Molli Grace
Lucy Hallam
Ella Cappleman
David Hallam
Genie Gledhill
Macy Gill
Charlie Nalton
Aimee Blakly
Emily Bairstow
Sophie Gambles
Megan Wilson
Phoebe smith
Sam Witty
Lydia Hodgetts
Keeley Clarkson
Katie Hoyle
Izzy Lake
Tilly Jackson
Kia Skilbeck
George Taylor
Jess Blogg
Sian Robson
Gracie Gledhill
Jasmine Clarke
Layla Dale
Bobbie Scott

Thank you to everyone involved..
It was a heart filled project for me
and i'm so glad to share it with you all
so happy and thankful for everyone,
giving it your all and working to create something new for them all.

This is not a concept piece.

And excuse the end i just really wanted to be that person to slap the camera no purpose behind it... but Miss Vicki Leung will be jealous.

I do not own the music... or claim to own the music
Young Performers

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