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This translucent house in the woods by Spanish architect Miguel de Guzmán is home to Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Bears, according to an accompanying movie.

Surrounded by pines trees in Spain's Sierra de Madrid mountain range, the two-storey house features plastic exterior walls, chunky chipboard interiors and a rooftop lawn.

Steel wires criss-cross over the facade to encourage climbing plants and vines to grow up around the house.

A double-height greenhouse runs along the southern facade, while a ground-floor dining room and a first-floor living room are positioned alongside and can overlook the space through internal windows.

There are two bedrooms on each level and bookshelves line the staircases that zigzag between the floors.

Miguel de Guzmán specified cheap and lightweight materials for construction. "The use of semi-mechanised building techniques, steel frames, sandwich panels and polycarbonate can speed up work time, reduce costs and give the building greater flexibility to make changes in the future," he explains.

De Guzmán also works as an architectural photographer and produced the fairytale movie that presents the house.

"The background idea for the movie was to play with the 'little house in the woods' concept," he told Dezeen. "In the world of children's tales there is always a house in the middle of the forest where magical and mysterious things happen. I chose some of the most univerally known characters: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Bears and The Big Bad Wolf, of course."

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