Let me tell you a story...
With Amilcar Alves - In Rio de Janeiro
Music Jacob Moses / Assistant Josias Duarte
Written and directed by Laurence Guenoun

"I’ve trained hard.
Every day.
I try to push my limits further. Always further.
Sport. My family. My life.
I fight. Not for glory. Not for money.
I fight to win.
I fight to survive. Like each one of us in his own way, no?
In the ring, where I come from, nobody cares. Life should be like this. All equals.
Where we come from is only a detail.. When it comes to a blow, it doesn’t count.
In the ring, we are all equals. We are raw.
What’s in the mind makes the difference. The mental and the technique.
Everyday I train. Everyday I hit the punching bag.
But let me tell you a story. The story of my father that used to beat me."

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