I attended my first 5Rythms class after seeing, hearing and feeling as they danced, bobbed and weaved past me at the Dance Parade three years ago.

A new friend I made at the parade, urged me to attend a class as she felt my connection to the, well..let's call it 'scene' or impression they made on me. I later found out there were over 7000 dancers at the parade and this group, mob of rag tag, 'disorganized' people seemed to be in a world of their own and yet so connected to it at the same time.

The idea of me attending a 'dance class' at the Joffrey Ballet rehearsal space no less, was more than a little daunting. The short story being that I was terrified. I arrived 30 minutes early on a 90 something degree June day and walked up the 5 flights of stairs as the elevator was out, my heart pounding the whole time...Hearing "Am I really going to do this? You are not doing this!" in my head the whole time.

When I breathlessly reached the 5th floor, I realized I should have brought some water and used that easy excuse to leave swiftly and decisively grabbing hold of this great excuse for dear life.

I bought a couple of bottles of cold water and stood in front of the building, teeter tottering back and forth if I should go back inside or just leave. I was almost talking out loud to myself and finally the stronger voice said, "You miss a lot of life by making excuses. Stop it and get your lazy scared self inside!"

And I dutifully walked up the steps accepting I was going in.

I could and will go on about my experiences dancing and doing what they call "Moving Meditation" in another post. Needless to say it was nothing short of a life changing experience. But what I most remember and one of my first thoughts I had was how wonderful and amazing this would be to photograph. The freedom, the carefree way we moved. So many feelings and such powerful imagery as I danced and flowed in the 90 plus degree space with about 100 others.

I accepted I would never have a chance to capture these experiences and put it out of my mind.

But I never lost touch with the connection I had with the experience and the friends I had made and I returned in a big way after this years Dance Parade but as part of it and capturing it. Only this time, from the inside.

When Lucia and Douglas asked me to do some photography for them, I quickly said yes.

Now the vision I had on the first day of dancing in a 5Rythms Moving Meditation was realized!

I danced and moved and bobbed and weaved like the rest of this happy 'mob". Part of the experience and dancing with my camera as I quietly captured some beautiful moments, movement and feeling.

Thank you Lucia and Douglas for entrusting me with this opportunity and thank you to my fellow dancers for their generosity of spirit and for also entrusting me to have the honor to preserve these beautiful moments.

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