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If you haven't seen the Intro to Animation Curves in After Effects tutorial yet, I recommend looking at that one first, as this one references some of the concepts in it.

Squash and Stretch is one of the main principals of animation, yet a lot of animators leave it out of their work. I'm going to show you the basics of this technique, and then show you how to apply it in After Effects. It will give you another tool to polish and finesse your animations, giving things more weight and oomph.

There is a members-only bonus that I will be extending to anyone who signs up for the School of Motion newsletter. It's totally free, and in return for the ability to send you updates via e-mail, I will give you guys access to an hour-long tutorial where I break down in CRAZY detail how I built the Squash and Stretch rig seen in this video, as well as make the rig available to download... plus a $20 off coupon for our Cinema 4D plugin, Scenery.

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Thanks as always! Comments / questions are welcome.


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