June 21 will mark six years since John Howard began the NT Intervention and sent the military into Aboriginal communities. This was one of the most shameful days in the history of Australia's brutal and racist treatment of Aboriginal people and set the struggle for Aboriginal rights back many decades.

In 2012, the Labor government passed the Stronger Futures legislation that extends the main measures of the NT Intervention for another 10 years. Aboriginal people will continue to be treated as second class citizens: police can enter their homes without a warrant, courts are unable to consider cultural circumstances when sentencing, alcohol and R18+ material are restricted regardless of community wishes and more than 10,000 Aboriginal people are held on income management against their will.

Stronger Futures legislation also extended income management and the BasicsCard to new "trial sites" around Australia, including Bankstown in Sydney. But a strong campaign uniting Aboriginal people, community organisations, migrants and trade unions has helped hold this back.

The Public Service Association (PSA), who represent Child Protection workers in Bankstown, have voted to ban income management and have made no referrals. They are refusing to be part of the expansion of the racist NT Intervention. Bankstown has the lowest number of people on income management out of all the "trial sites".

This video is a compilation from the Rally held on Saturday 22 June 2013, 12pm in the Paul Keating Park,

For more information please visit stoptheintervention.org

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