Interviews with people at the OccupyLSX protest-camp in October 2011, asking about their motivations and the links with the occupations seen in other places at the time. The film was originally published on the 19th October 2011:

On the 15th of October 2011 hundreds of people followed the call from 'Occupy London Stock Exchange' and set up camp at the square outside St Paul's Cathedral next to the London Stock Exchange in the City of London, Europe's biggest and one of the more influential financial centers in the world. The occupation lasted for several months, from the autumn of 2011 and well into the winter of 2012.

The action in London started as part of 15O Global day of Action. On that day, occupations, demonstrations and actions happened in over 950 places across the world.

This short film is an attempt to portray the first days of the St Paul's square occupation in London, and collects interviews with people involved in the camp, as well as a quick look into the camp's early infrastructure such as the kitchen and the media team.

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