More often than not, one enters a gallery setting with a certain set of expectations. We expect to see paintings and drawings framed on the wall. We expect sculptures sitting pretty on their pedestals. Often times, these expectations are met and maintained. Other times, they are appropriately broken—as when Duchamp spun a urinal on its head, questioning whether an items placement within a gallery is what deems it visually powerful. “Evidence to the Contrary” forces the viewer to consider the stages that come before the gallery by introducing us to some of the artifacts and products of these artists’ artistic processes.
At what point does a mark on a wall evolve from graffiti to Art? While some may feel that this metamorphosis occurs within the walls of the gallery, these artists provide us with evidence to the contrary, arguing that what is gained throughout the process can often times be even more beautiful than what results.
“Evidence to the Contrary” will explore the artists’ work, as well as the artifacts they have gathered through their process. Through the mediums of graffiti, tattoo, printmaking, painting and sculpture, Jay Forsythe, James Powow, and Jackson Kelsey forge the process and the product into one, thus allowing the viewer into the real world of these nontraditional art forms.

Music: Daft Punk- Doin' it right
Video: Oyku Canli

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