anonymous artists in Italy
a tribute to Taksim Square

The images coming from Turkey have created a cultural short-circuit and the deafening silence of the media and of the political components of the country is the confirmation. Each of those images brings within itself a symbolic value of a disruptive force: the girl with the red dress who challenges hydrants, the bins of acid in the reservoirs, the doctor with white coat taken away in handcuffs, the epic loneliness of the "standing man" who remains motionless for hours in Taksim Square, with his eyes turned towards the flag with the image of Ataturk, the father of "westernized" Turkey, secular and modern. Some of these images have the taste of art and reveal an "evolved" awareness of the power of gestures and images in the age of social networks. An awareness supported by an authentic and therefore "elegant" thought, which does not belong to dimension in which it politics move, even that of the antagonistic areas. Politics is a receding parallel universe, always use consolidated gestures, dry channels like dried up streams. Politics is perpetual and non-innovative. But Taksim Square, collecting and sublimating the teaching of the Arab Spring, tells us that the dynamics are changing skin, irrevocably, in the moist and lush soil of social communication where you compare and evolve the languages of Costume, social life and the Arts . It is no coincidence that Erdem Gunduz, the man of Taksim Square, is a choreographer. The strength of his act has an obvious artistic "background" and his cultural references are explicit, recognizable, but completely original in their new context, such as letters of an alphabet that we share with that tenderness and understanding that can only exist between us artists. Art has an ability to synthesize that rocks the world, its flaw is that it is often not aware of this incredible power.
Can art make a difference? We strongly believe so, otherwise we would not do this job.
Sunday in the roads of Rome we will be "anonymous artists". We will cancel our individual faces in a black bandage, collecting the message of hope of a brother artist and his people. It will not be a manifestation of solidarity with the young Turkish rebels. It will be our answer to their question (and it seems that the world is used to circumvent awkward questions and disperse the sound of their echo).Because gestures and actions are always questions. Our answer is this: we understand, it's up to us.
Sunday June 23 the anonymous artists will pass through the streets of Rome in a touring performance that will last all day, involving some famous landmarks of the city. The event can be followed from 9.30 am on the Facebook page of the project. Exclusive content will also be released on the website and Facebook page of Artribune magazine, thanks to the collaboration of Lori Adragna who will manage the selection and dissemination of materials. We asked Lori Adragna to be our "witness" and not our "curator". She will witness an event that wants to be of practical experience and a research of a new and radical change in perspective.

facebook page of the project

supporters: Tiger Orchid, Daniele Sirotti, Davide Cortese, Francesca Fini, Gianluca Giardi, Marco Infussi, Maria Manuela Pochetti, Marco Flores Fioramanti, Paola Mineo, Inanna Trillis, Chiara Giannini Guazzugli

photo documentation: Jurek Kralkowski, Carlo Maria Causati, Enrico Cocuccioni, Reuven Halevi
video documentation: Piero Oronzo, Daniele Malavolta
web streaming: Gloria Saya

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