- out of nowhere comes this barrage of colours ... a fantastic sight -

To the artists: you killed it even when you were jamming outside your tents. Your spirit kept this ship sailing. No question about it.
To the guests: you really braved it. You were dancing on the dunes even as the sun came up on Sunday. Respect!
To the sponsors: you made 3-days of a crazy desert camping festival as comfortable and as colourful as it could get.

You turned Ragasthan 2012 into one hell of a mad experience. You had to be crazy to be there. And for that, we thank you. :)

j.viewz - rivers and homes

Parth Thakkar - Director/ Cinematographer
Chandrashekhar Parab - Producer/ Editor
Premal Raval - Director of Photography
Tascha Eipe - Assistant Producer/ Content head
Vijay Linju Raghavan - Cinematographer
Krish Makhija - Cinematographer
Harshvir Oberoi - Cinematographer
Johnny - Cinematographer
Vandit Panvelkar - Content Developer
Ayaz khan - Data Management

Shot on 5D Mark III and Go Pro 2 HD

Lenses :
Tokina 11-16mm
Canon 50mm
Canon 24-72mm
Canon 70-200mm
Canon 85mm
Canon 16-35mm
Canon 100-400mm (2x Converter)
Canon TS-E 45mm
Canon Intervlometer

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