Chiropractic Adjustments
Activator Adjustments
Cold Packs
Hot Packs
Interferential Therapy
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Trigger Point / Myofascial Therapy
Support Tape
Nutrition / Guidance

There are several different types of treatment options that you can have at your home and they will depend upon where you are in the healing process. Just as two painters paint different pictures using the same colors two doctors can get different results using the same therapies. It depends a lot of how the therapies are used and when they are used.

All the treatments and therapies that will be performed for you within your comfort zone. The treatments will be personalized to match the specific injures that you have and at the right time.

The sooner you can schedule an appointment the better the healing time will be. Sometimes patients feel that the pain will go away on it's own and wait it out. It is much better to be checked out right away instead of taking a wait and see approach. If you are having concerns about the bills or insurance, it is much better for you to call because I may be able to alleviate your concerns about the bill right on the phone.

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