"Je suis" is the French version of the "I am" documentary series.
It tells about being an artist and the creative process by centering the narrative on the character of the protagonist, its history and the context in which it operates.
"Je suis" knows the artist in the broadest sense of the term: performer, digital artist, filmmaker, musician, breakdancer, photographer, etc. with particular attention to the new Arts and references with the contemporary world.
The intent is to tell character, works and the context in a narrative flow type documentary, using the recorded voice of the character as a leading thought (without a static interview) edited on the images of everyday situations, from work in the studio to the little things where the details describe the character.
The narrative of the artistic sphere is made through the thought and the emotion of the character that tells in a simple and spontaneous way what it thinks about the work that is creating in that moment, compared to his poetic and the context in which it works. This makes art accessible to the viewer because it is explained through the sensations and without didacticism.

A serial documentary by Michele Di Salle
Produced by Federico Di Giambattista
Written with Martina Serafin
Edited, effected and colored by Luca Papaleo
Translation Assistance by Ja De, Annika's Bakery and Fabienne Pallamedessi
Original Music and Sound Engineering by Federico Di Giambattista and Andrea Fabiani

Produced by Hullabaloop and Limited Music

Shot in:
Shanghai with Francesco De Grandi - francescodegrandi.it

San Francisco with Ana Teresa Fernandez - anateresafernandez.com
*Official screening @Invideo '13 - Milan*

Frankfurt with Bobby Borderline - bobbymohr.de

Paris with Cat Zaza - catart.it

Crete with Forlane 6 Studio - forlane6studio.com
Official Selection @
Festival International du Film d'Environnement '14 - Paris
Festival International du Documentaire sur l'Eau et le Climat '14 - Embourg, Belgium
Festival de Films de Portneuf sur l'environnement '14 - Québec, Canada
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival '14 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Flagey Eco Days '14 - Bruxelles
Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine '14 - Marseille

New York with Miles Okazaki - milesokazaki.com

Paris-Milan-Tartu with DORELL.GOTHMEH.TANE - dgtarchitects.com/

Helsinki and Madrid with Light Design Collective ldcol.com/
Istanbul with Zemberek Design Office - zemberek.org/
New York with Dizon Collective - dizon.co/
Official Selection @ Art Doc Festival '15 - Rome

Madrid with Carlos Lascano - carloslascano.com/carloslascano/Home.html

Singapore with WY-TO Designers/Architects - wy-to.com/
Official Selection @ Milano Design Film Festival '15

Bruxelles and Tehran with Vida M.


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