curated by: Gyz La Rivière
Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
June 26th - August 9th 2009

720˚ is an all-in-one installation with a key role for the 50 minute documentary on the Dutch skateboard pioneers and trendsetters the Fret Click: ‘12’ (featuring MAMA co-producing a film for the first time in its existence). In the past months La Rivière visited and filmed his old Fret Click friends, creating an intimate group portrait.

The other half of the installation / exhibition is focused on the life of Louisa Menke, one of the few professional female skateboarders. Media artist Geert Mul and Gyz La Rivière created an installation made up of short films by Louisa Menke, who, requested by La Rivière, has recorded her day to day life for the past few months.

In 720˚ the pieces of a puzzle (photos, films, text and source material) are assembled to tell a story of freedom, growing up, friendship and grasping opportunities or missing chances.

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