Winner of "Best of Show" at the 2013 World Ski and Snowboard Festival 'Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown'. Nine films were pick out of about 43 films submitted to battle for Best of Show. Teams had 72 hours to shoot, edit and put together a film that is no longer than 5 minutes. This year's prop was a Japanese hand fan and had to be used in every film produced.

"What a treat from the clever title all the way through. KATCH UP is a great imitation of the Chaplin short films. The actors really picked up on the silent film acting style where so much is conveyed without words. It's a small delight and should be a crowd pleaser. Loved the physical, slapstick comedy action."-- Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now Film Critic


Conrad Schapansky
Kevin Hardiman

Executive Producer
Paul Booth

Directed By
Conrad Schapansky

Written by
Juan Hitta
Conrad Schapansky

Score by
Ryan Tapp
Tim Livingstone

Edited by
Kevin Hardiman

Camera Operators
Rick Johnston
Garry Pendygrasse
Gabe Langlois

Cinematography by
Kevin Hardiman

Associate Poducer
Sabine Varnes

Title Design
Diana Brucculieri

Special Effects
Stuart Mackay-Smith

Stunts Director & Choreographer
Fish Boulton

Stunts Performed by
Fish Boulton

Christian Bertrand

Special Thanks
Shelley Arnusch
GLC Staff
Heather Dufty

Charlie - Fish Boulton
Genie - Sharai Rewels
Girlfriend - Sabine Varnes
Hot Girl - Ashleigh McIvor
Rube Goldberg - Rube Goldberg
Waitriss - Chantelle Pellerin
Creepy Guy - Jay DeMerit
Bro 1 - Christian Bertrand
Bro 2 - Randy Boylan
Bro 3 - Wade Iley
Bar Tender - Kori Klusmeier
Cup Picker - Derek Pretty
Flirting Girl - Meg McLean
Flirting Guy - Mike Wilson
Shot Guy - Victer Wiens
Energy Loser - Pat Rouillard
Hot Girlfriend - Silas Kirchmayer
Ladder Guy 1 - Craig Gibson
Ladder Guy 2 - Vic Wiens
Doorman - Dean Harris

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