A fictional brand extension for United colors of Benetton, which is aimed at the target Young Adults for winter 2014/15. A Leisure collection with a positive image.

The collection of Ferdina Florentina is based on the concept of "Vector Equilibrium". A mother figure that consists of all figures. The vector equilibrium is a good theoretically example of how the world is connected and how man is connected with each other and the universe. It is about the positive influence, collaboration, and a new network of strength and unity. We’re using each other's qualities and services and we trusting our neighbours again. This is necessary in a time of change in the field of ecology, economy and spirituality. We’re now independently making our own choices towards authorities, banks and large companies.

With special thanks to:
Design: Steffie Cheung, Bianca Provoost
Models: Josja Dijkshoorn, Nella Ngingo
Photographer: Michel Zoeter
Mua: Faisa Sontodimedjo
Concept/styling: Ferdina Florentina
Assistant Styling: Kim Jacobz
Music & Film: Dervin Sno (Conveier)

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