Llanelly House Restoration Work Time-lapse by AtlasAV.com

The Llanelly House project was effectively started during the 2003 BBC ‘Restoration’ series, in which the building was an acclaimed finalist, championed by the flamboyant Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Since then the vision, investment, research and a great deal of hard work, have transformed the project. Its reopening, scheduled for early 2013, will be a triumph of community, archaeology, history, culture, building skills and faith in Llanelli’s heritage.

Llanelly House has, throughout its post-mediaeval history, been the focus of the town and a hub from which its people and achievements trace their roots. And now, once more, it is becoming the Face of Llanelli.

A past that includes world-class industrialists, high society, some of the first wine imports from Hardys, major art and business personalities and more, is matched with intriguing architecture and evidence of changing building techniques. From its Jacobean core, Llanelly House has seen additions and improvements through the ages, culminating in a stunning Georgian mansion, whose stature and grounds dictated the map of the town itself. Explore Llanelly House with us as we move towards our public opening, that will include one of the UK’s most advanced genealogy showcases and opportunities for people of all ages to become immersed in the past, present and future.

And you can get involved now. We have many opportunities to volunteer with the Llanelly House team or to attend workshops designed to help you find out about your past. Just call the team on 01554 772857 or email us at the address shown.


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