In the fifties and sixties the artist Constant Nieuwenhuys works on a utopia based on the work of the writer Johan Huizinga. He calls this work by the name of 'New Babylon' a world in which there are no authorities any more, no borders and in which people don't have to work any more because all the physical work will become automatized. This way these nomadic cosmopolitans can spend their lives on the development of their creativity. They are 'homo ludens' (playing man).
I created my own utopia of the creative man and used footage of the The Hague annual festival Todays Art. This festival takes place only a couple of days in the centre of The Hague but whenever I visit the festival I feel like briefly living this utopia of the homo ludens.

Footage shot by Tanja Busking and Carolien Stevens
Music by Aphex Twin
Voice over by Constant Nieuwenhuys

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