Here is the teaser trailer for the short film "Fruitcake", You can check out the full film at

Fruitcake is the story of Adam, an eccentric, lonely, mid 30s man, and his unorthodox search for relationships. Part of reason the film is called Fruitcake is that it is a word anyone on the outside of Adam's life could easily use to label him, just because he may seem different to them—odd, withdrawn, etc. This reflects the convenient, lazy way people often choose to define one another. We chastise, label, and slander people without understanding or having a connection with them, or we stereotype people from afar. Adam is a guy who has to overcome all of that while trying to pursue relationships for himself. His biggest hurdle is that he doesn't really have anyone. His recently deceased mother was his only friend, and the only other relationship he has is fraudulent and can't last. So Fruitcake is a social exploration. It could even be considered a commentary on man's ongoing battle with isolation.

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