The fifth installment of the Resident Evil: Survivor series. It's been 3 years since the director went on hiatus. The only problem was... She left everyone back on the island. Abandoned as castaways for real, their prayers were answered when the Director finally returned to bring them out of limbo; Or maybe it wasn't such a good thing after all.

Familiar faces, terrible new monsters, unlikely passion, gripping drama, and uttermost retardation. This is: Resident Evil Survivor.


Well, it's here. I can't believe it either.

If you haven't seen the previous episodes, I suggest you do so that this makes more sense. The playlist can be found here:


Of the year I've been "gone", this took about 3 months to make. I've had a very busy life lately, so that's why it took long. Plus it's also a little more detailed than my other videos.

If the subtitles or any text is hard to read, I apologize. Try watching the video in HD. If that isn't available/doesn't help, there are annotations over the hard to read parts. A lot of the subtitles and texts were along-the-way experiments, and going back to change the text in the beginning of the video would of meant having to basically re-do everything, so again, sorry if it sucks.

To answer a few questions, "Tune in next week" shouldn't be taken literally. I only put that in the credits to keep with the tradition of the old ones, as well as parodying actual TV shows.

Also, the few voices in the video are not mine. They are stock clips I found on . The Tank sounds are from L4D obviously, and the sound of Nemesis crying was made by my friend Dotman.


Big thanks to all of the fans who patiently waited, not just for a video, but a Survivor video of all things.

And a special thanks to everyone who donated, this video literally wouldn't be possible without it. Since I'm already enrolled and ready to go for art college, the remaining funds went to the new computer I have, plus all the little extras. My old computer could hardly even boot up Photoshop. So seriously, thank you everyone who helped me out.

More information about Donations here:


Sounds/voices in the video were found on:

Resident Evil Musicals™
Resident Evil: Survivor Series™

Resident Evil is Property of CAPCOM

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