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W3FI (pronounced wee-fiy) is a social movement, a philosophy, a path to responsible connectivity between our online/offline lives and to each other.
Every day we are more integrated into the digital world, no longer able to lead separate lives, one virtual the one real. As part of your W3FI experience, we encourage you to reflect on issues ranging from cyber bullying to open source knowledge.
Most people already consider WiFi to be a sort of invisible shared connection that is all around us. W3FI is a combination of WiFi, the word “we” and the slang use of the number 3 in place of the letter “e” to reference the digital parts of our lives. Shifting it to “we” indicates a new awareness of how interconnected we really are online. The W3FI project is more than an awareness campaign, it is a movement in social activism to ask a new set of questions, every time you click, text or share a photo.
Borrowing from the Buddhist path to enlightenment, the W3FI project takes you through a journey of understanding. Start to consider how your digital self (S3LF) impacts your everyday life. Then see how connected all S3LFs are and how every action affects the S3LF of others; how their S3LF is part of the W3. Finally you move from the passive part of the W3 to becoming involved in the W3FI the collective of S3LFs with the ability to lift each other up through positive interaction, encouragement, help sharing and understanding.

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