We are at the beginning of a journey…
Long Time, No See? extends an invitation to individuals, groups, families, households and communities to participate in a process of creating and sharing stories for the future, the long term future.

It is about looking around us, in our communities and places, and developing new or alternate stories from the present, for the future, recognising that each person is a storyteller and that stories transform spaces and experiences.

Once the world was empty. Now it is full.

Full of things we have created, full of things that have been carried from the past.

These things are crowding out the environment, diminishing it both materially and culturally.

The future is not a destination: it is already with us. While a sustaining future already exists in our present, ‘sustaining the unsustainable’ means that we have not yet grasped the potency of this possible future and cling to the past.

We hold that the future is not given; it cannot be assumed. No one knows what can or will happen.

Rather than become mired in anxiety and uncertainty, a more poetic state of being, guided by care, consideration and concern, is encouraged.

Long Time, No See? is about setting out to explore and reflect, in the spirit of adventure, to discover and reveal other and emergent ways of existing in this world. It is about developing pathways as stories for rewriting the future.

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