Robbery, disruption, espionage, terrorism.

From sophisticated criminals tapping bank accounts, to hactivists spoiling for disruption, to state sponsored hackers burrowing into a firm to steal their trade secrets, to terrorists who seek nothing less than throwing the US into darkness. “The Threat of Cybercrime” is real and only getting worse.

“The Threat of Cybercrime” is a 7-minute short film designed to build awareness of the growing threat of cybercrime to the enterprise and to its customers. The film explores the various types of cybercrime and offers some suggestion on what your firm can do to protect your assets, reputation and your customers from the consequences of being hacked. It’s not a question of “if, but “when”.

As a Social Media and Compliance Specialist for a software firm, Producer and Director, Joanna Belbey works with large regulated firms to identify and mitigate risks. She created "The Threat of Cybercrime" to build awareness of the danger of cybercrime and to provide some practical tips for legal, risk, IT and Security departments.

Follow Joanna Belbey on Twitter @Belbey or contact her via email at

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