Originally, I conceived the idea for this music video in 2011 and I envisioned the girls oil wrestling as the main theme for the video as the rappers "spit their verses". But then I asked myself, "Why are the girls oil wrestling".
I knew these girls had to be attractive and pleasing to the eye. But I also wanted them to be regular girls. Doing some research online, I found a lot of videos on youtube of girls oil wresting and these girls where just going at it. I also watched a lot of hip hop videos growing up and I always remembered the ones that stood out to me where the ones that had a story in the music video. A story happening as the artist(s) rhymed.

The idea of them fighting as a way to rob people was born.

Enter Anna Papadakis, Raven Ravenna and Noella Diaz.

Shot on the Canon 5dii and the Canon 7d EOS by John Gebhart

Kontraban feat. Guestos, Anonymous and V3RBz.

This video was shot in 2012 in NYC

Executive Producer Danny Neiba
Associate Producer Danny Indio

Directed by Danny Neiba

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