Canadian-Filipino artist, teacher, and marathon runner MANGO PEELER ( ) embarks on a journey to his roots in the Philippines. During his artist residency he will bring together arts and athletics with the local youth and surfers on a Secret Island, and bring the journey back home to Canada.
Daily Process / Twitter / Instagram / Vine : @MANGO_PEELER

EDITED BY: MANGO PEELER & Tanya Santos ( )

MUSIC: 'Running' by Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX from 'We're New Here'
'This is The Philippines' by Santa Guerilla, from found stock Coca-Cola footage
'Matangi Mix' by M.I.A. for Kenzo Paris
Reggae Covers Vol. 1 by Vic Cheong of Healing Power Records


0:06 Exploding Motor Car
0:09 Vuk Dragojevic
0:14 Alphabrette
0:16 Vuk Dragojevic
0:17 Alphabrette
0:18 Vuk Dragojevic
0:26 Vuk Dragojevic
0:32 Jon Garcia
0:35 Vuk Dragojevic
0:39 Vuk Dragojevic
0:41 Eleni Alpous
1:08 Photo courtesy of The Unifiedfield
1:10-1:23 Vuk Dragojevic
1:32 Photo courtesy of The Unifiedfield
1:33 Vuk Dragojevic
1:35 Vuk Dragojevic
1:37 Photo courtesy of The Unifiedfield
1:38-1:42 Vuk Dragojevic
1:44 Vuk Dragojevic
1:46 Alphabrette
1:49 Vuk Dragojevic
1:52-1:58 Vuk Dragojevic
1:58 Alphabrette

Vuk Dragojevic
Exploding Motor Car

All other shots or photos by MANGO PEELER unless otherwise stated.

Residency hosted by The Unifiedfield (Spain)

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