“Rumbo Solidario” is a sport association which offers us the human side of sports through sport challenges and it pursues charity aims. This summer they will swim across the Strait of Gibraltar to build a school in India and get a caravan of food for the Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf (Algeria). “Rumbo Solidario” collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Association for Friendship with the children of the Saharawi people of Cordoba (ACANSA) to meet these goals.

They strive every day in their training for these causes and to cross the strait, but know they can not change these realities as unfair if you do not help. There are many ways to help and all information can be seen in rumbosolidario.com

You can also help if you tip this video (click "Tip Jar" at the end of this text) or just sharing it with people you know.


I would stress that we have made the video with no finances, each one contributing with what he has or what he knows best, and thanks to the solidarity of many people and organizations who have given us their time and resources.

- To the SIX ATHLETES: for their effort in the recording and the illusion that they demonstrate every day to achieve these two supportive objectives: they are the real main characters of this initiative and I did my best in making this video for their efforts will not fall in vain.

- To Omar and Yumara, our young actors, for joinning the spot and representing the Sahara and India respectively, the two reasons that help our athletes to overcome increasingly during their trainings and not to leave when they weaken.

- To Emilio and Chema, the Ávila brothers, for giving us their time and their MirloCam, in order to shot spectacular scenes otherwise we would have not recorded and which made a higher quality video. You are real professionals and better people.

- To Jose Maria Varona, José Martínez, Pablo Leono, Sara Más, Ruth Jaén ... for their time and generous cooperation, for doing your bit to this video and therefore making Rumbo Solidario closer to achieve their purposes.

- To girlfriends, family and friends, who have also been there supporting each output, each recording day, in some way or another.

- To institutions such as the Figueroa Club or Fire Fighting Service of Lucena and Córdoba, for helping us to record this video, because it is also an important supportive push.

- To Vicente Ferrer Foundation and ACANSA, essential to the success of these acts of solidarity.

- And to all those that contribute day by day supporting the association, in any possible way.

Thank you all for taking "Rumbo Solidario".

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