Kongkalikong tell about corruption in my country. corruption done by anyone, especially by those who have high positions in the state system. could have been done by legislators, employers, law enforcement, to ordinary people though.
This video was made to open an exhibition final course DKV 4, design department of art faculty Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta. held on 22-25 June 2013 in Bentara BudayaYogyakarta. with the theme of the exhibition is Anti-Corruption.


Konkalikong Opening Video
Creative Director: Mu arif
Art Director: Taufan Fadhil, Angga AE
Story : Taufan Fadhil
Compositing: Mu arif
Director Of Photography: MT Ardhynata
Talent: MT Ardhiynata, Rizky Bestary, Ade putra L,

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