- CT520D 50A Plasma Cutter /200 A Tig/ 200 A Stick Welder Combo Unit By Lotos Review

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The CT520D 50A Plasma Cutter /200 A Tig/ 200 A Stick Welder Combo Unit is designed and constructed to withstand extensive use in rugged industrial and construction environments. It is perfect for any home project too.

Using this portable plasma cutter is cheaper than Oxyacetylene after just a few cuts. The torch trigger can be moved for a custom fit. It can be used in finger or thumb positions. The torch head is adjustable for tight spaces. High Frequency DC Plasma cuts thicker materials than standard DC plasma cutters. High Frequency Plasma cut faster with less distortion in the work piece.

Tee Lotos CT520D is packed with the full features of each of the separate machines. The Tig welds from this CT520D are clean and strong. This Tig welder is easier to use than any other Tig welder on the planet!

CT520D 50A Plasma Cutter /200 A Tig/ 200 A Stick Welder Combo Unit Features

Lotos CT520D with footpedal
stick welding aluminum (patent pending)
with two regulators, pedal, two torches, stick holder and ground cable
3 year warranty from Lotos California
plasma cutting, tig welding and stick welding 3 in 1 for 110v and 22

An ARC (Stick) welder is a necessity in any industrial shop or home workshop. There are welding jobs that simply require ARC or SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding). With arc welding, no shielding gas is required. Stick welding is cheap and effective: fill the large gaps and holes, weld the cast iron and weld the extra thick steel with the stick.

Note: This model comes with a footpedal.

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