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Dilek doğaya yaptığı yolculukta, kendi geçmişinden ve sahip olduklarından kurtulmak ister. Bir göl kenarında oturur ve karşısında piknik yapan aileyi görmesi ile kararı kesinleşir. Su onun için yeniden doğuş demektir. Önce boynundaki eski sevgilisinin tek kalmış asker künyesini, kendi kimliğini, arabasından ve kıyafetlerinden kurtularak gölün içine girer. Önce gölün içinde kalıp ölümden sonraki hayata geçmeyi düşünür. Fakat çıkıp ailenin piknik örtüsünü onlardan alıp kendine koruma yaparak oradan uzaklaşıp ileriki yolda oto-stop çeker.


In one of her trips out to nature, Dilek wants to erase off her past, and clear all of her ties with her belongings. She sits by a lake, sees a family having a picnic and her decision gets finalized. The water means regeneration for her. First she gets rid of her ex-lovers dogtag, her ID, car, clothes than goes into the lake. First she decides to stay inside the lake and tries to experience afterlife. But she later decides to grab the family's picnic cloth as a shield, goes away and hitchhikes.


Lors d'une de ses sorties en nature, Esin veut effacer son passé, et faire disparaître les objets qui s'y accrochent.
Assise près d'un lac, la vision idyllique d'une famille précipite sa décision.
Elle se débarrasse d'abord du souvenir de son ancien amant, puis de sa carte d'identité, abandonne sa voiture, ses vêtements et entre dans l'eau limpide.
Ce bain est comme une expérience de l'au-delà, un passage, une renaissance qui l'amènera, après avoir soutiré la couverture à la famille abasourdie, vers le hasard de la rencontre, sur la route, en auto-stop.

After wrapping up Recycle Diary, I started to write Reborn. I have bern a big Rolling Stones fan for a long time, and it was me listening to Gimme Shelter, when the idea came out.
When I finished writing, I went to my mentor Zeynep Ozbatur Atakan whom I met during the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 while I was there for Recycle Diary. She helped me clearing my mind about the script. So I made it as I wanted to be.
Than I met Esin Doğan whom is an amazing actress to be cast as the leading role. Later on I called Olcay Oguz, whom is a very talented and creative DOP to ask if he would be interested in working on my new short film.
I than asked Rahman Altin to compose my indie movie, he has known my script before I shot it. He accepted it. He is a genius composer.
After we were all set - I contacted Robin Saban and Jon Barmak to be my international producers.
I later on organized Beng'S Production (Bengiz Özdereli) for my underwater shots. He is a very talented architect and an underwater DOP.
Harika Uygur helped me find two supporting actors for the film.
1000 Volt Post Production agreed to work with me on post production again. It was a huge relief.
This journey ended today. Now I am waiting for Cannes Short Film Corner to sell my movie out, so that it can get out to a larger audience.
Finally Selim Ünlüsoy designed my movie poster.

2013 International Cross Cultural Film Festival (screening in a non competitive festival)
2013 Adana Altin Koza Film Festival (nominee)

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