Middle-aged Korean folks and their exercise routines set to Os Mutantes' "Le Premier Bonheur du Jour" (1960's Brazilian psychedelic and). This is an unofficial video, no rights are owned.

Shoddily shot in "Kkachi San" near near Naksongdae Station in Seoul, South Korea with a Go Pro 2 in mid spring. Edited on Final Cut Pro.

서울특별시 봉천6동, 관악산 맞은편 "까치산" 산길에서 동네 계시는 분들 운동하시는 모습을 고프로로 촬용하고 Final Cut Pro로 편집 했음.

Ost는 Os Mutantes (오스 뮤탄테스)의 "Le Premier Bonheur du Jour" (추성적인 1960년때 브라질 팀)

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