New Effect - Sinada
music video

Cloud City meets Sensation White, my third VFX music video, inspired from StarWars cloud city and Sensation White dance music festival from Amsterdam.

Shot on green-screen using a Sony Cinealta 7-900. First time using crowd simulation. I had only 19 extras for that shot when you can see 400+ dancing crowd.

You can see post-production steps and raw footage in the "How we do it" here If you have any questions about VFX involved in this video please contact me, i love to share knowledge...


Director, Writer, Editor, VFX concept, VFX superviser: Mihnea de Vries
D.o.P : Lulu de Hillerin
Line Producer: Eduard Schneider
3D Artist, 3D Tracking: Algo
Matte Painting artist (cloud city): Alexandru Popescu

Camera: F-900 with Digiprimes

Client: Roton Music

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