More on this shot after the cross plugs for my other short films or samples shot on the HF G30.

Fall Colors shot with the HF G30 in MP4:

Some of the shots in my latest short film, "The WREN," were shot with the HF G 30, Outside stuff, and the argument after the shuffle board game, shot on outside green screen:

Check out my HF G30 Over Exposure Test. I've lost the master so I need to direct you to you tube.

Canon HF-G30. No Color Correction, Sharpening, or luminance-density corrections. I was impressed how much I could grade the overexposed stuff. Shot with for modes, Manual, with -2 contrast (the Max Correction,) Standard Cinema Mode, Black and White Cinema Mode (In Camera) full auto mode.

Recorded MP4 Highest Quality setting 35mps. 1920-1080p, Some shots in Manual at 1/60 of a second. When ever possible I used 1/48 of a second.

NOT YOU CAN NOT SHOT @ 1/48 of a second in MP4. It's the usual setting 1/15, 1/30th, 1/60 etc.
That for both Standard and Cinema mode.

in AVCHD you get the 1/48th of a second setting in both Standard and Cinema Mode.

Edited in Vegas Video.

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